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Take me out to the ball game

April 30, 2012

If you ask any of my friends which sport I really do not enjoy watching they will almost always answer "Baseball." My main reasons for not really preferring the sport are that I don't understand it, it's a really slow sport and I didn't grow up watching it. After this weekend I can say that I sort of understand it and sometimes there is action that is entertaining! Unfortunately Liberty lost all three games this weekend against Coastal Carolina but they put up a good fight. 

One thing that surprised me about baseball that I really enjoyed was watching the umpires make the different calls and the audience's response. I now see that baseball can actually be interesting to watch and it definitely got intense when Liberty was trying to get a third out. I was also really impressed when players "hit it out of the park" and made homeruns. Overall I am really glad to understand the sport a little better, and even if it's not my favorite, I can definitely enjoy a good baseball game!

Photo by Joel Coleman/Liberty University

Photo by Joel Coleman/Liberty University