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April 12, 2012

As the semester comes near to an end here at Liberty, I find myself having a tough time fighting senioritis even though I’m only a sophomore! At the end of every semester it’s really hard to stay focused and keep the end in sight when you are so tired and worn out. So I thought I would give some “Big Sister” advice to all the High School students out there who have lost motivation and are just so desperate to leave and start a new chapter. So here are my top 5 pieces of advice for you as the semester is ending.

  1. Keep your GPA up- As we can see the end of the semester in sight, it is so easy to just “get by” with our grades. A lot of people say that second semester of senior year isn’t that important because by that point you’ve already gotten college acceptance letters. The one thing they don’t keep in mind is that your GPA still is affected by your grades. Even if you’ve already been accepted into a University you want to maintain a good GPA to put on a resume! And a high GPA equals more scholarships! 
  1. Enjoy every moment at home with your family- I remember when I came to Liberty, I was pretty excited to be on my own away from my family, as any 18 year old would be. However, when I got here, I realized a lot of things that I missed from home. I wasn’t homesick but there are just things that you will miss about having your family around you all the time. I do think that my relationship with my parents was strengthened when I moved out because I grew up a lot and was able to have more adult conversations with them! The times that we do talk on the phone are very important and are not spent arguing (usually!)

Family Photo- let your mom take as many family photos as she wants while you're home!

  1. Get off your computer and spend time with friends- I know that this may sound like strange advice from someone who blogs a lot and loves social media, but hear me out! I remember being in high school and spending excessive amounts of time on Facebook and Twitter. I wasn’t spending enough actual quality time with my friends before we all went our separate ways. When you go off to college, Facebook will be a great tool to stay in contact but when your friends are 5 minutes away from you, GO hangout with them! During your first semester of college having those distant friendships will be essential while you are still figuring out your group of friends where you’re at.                  

My Small Group in High School!

  1. Take as many CLEP tests/AP tests as possible- When I was a senior a lot of my friends who had graduated kept telling me to take as many CLEP tests as possible. In my head I was thinking I don’t want to pay $70 to take a test and I don’t want to take another test! When I came to college, I then realized that to take a 3 credit hour class costst approximately $1500. I took one CLEP test for English and got 3 credits for it and I am so glad that I did that to save a lot of money.
  1. Start connecting with you Future University and Classmates- When I came to Liberty I really didn’t know that much about it and I wish I would have been more educated about it. It is a really good idea to begin this process the summer before you arrive at a University. One way you can do this is to search the University’s website and see what kinds of activities they offer or clubs to become a part of when you get there. One way to get connected with Liberty specifically is to like Liberty University’s Facebook page and your class page (Class of 2016).