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Spring Coffeehouse 2012

April 3, 2012

During Christmas time I blogged about an event called Christmas Coffeehouse which is basically a talent show in front of the entire school. Every Spring we have a very similar event except there is a theme to the event. This year the theme was 80’s Coffeehouse! Now even though I was a 90’s baby, my mom played 80’s music around the house constantly when I was growing up (and even still does to this day!). I could often be found trying to learn a Michael Jackson move or belting Whitney Houston, all to my family’s dismay! I definitely appreciate the 80’s and their love for bright neon colors!

My Friend Allie and I at Coffeehouse rocking the Neon outfits! 

Students at Coffeehouse dressed up for the 80's

Spring Coffeehouse this year was really great because we got a good well rounded mix of talent. There were bands with incredible musical ability, creative videos and great dance crews. I hate picking favorites for these events, however, I really enjoyed the Michael Jackson dance troop and the Whitney Houston tribute performed by Ray Jones and his band called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I also really enjoyed the different videos in between acts that Liberty students compiled. Overall, this was a very successful Coffeehouse and I was entertained from start to finish! 

Dancers paying tribute to Michael Jackson!