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Spring Break!!

March 22, 2012

Last year during spring break I didn’t go anywhere special or far away but this year I decided to go somewhere tropical! Over Christmas break my friend Kasey and I were looking into places to go that were warm and eventually we decided to go to Key West, Fl and stay with her cousin! Spring Break comes right in the middle of the semester and when I left this year, I was in great need to just get away and relax! I didn’t exactly get a huge week of relaxation because we were constantly busy seeing things in the Keys!

By the Pool! 


Photo I took on the sunset cruise! 

We spent lots of time on the beach, in the pool, and eating incredible food! We met so many awesome people there and I just loved experiencing a new place! We were walking on a dock one day and got to see a manatee. One evening we got to go out on a sailboat for a sunset cruise and it was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. One big tourist attraction we got to see was the southernmost point on continental USA. On my way back to Liberty I flew to Jacksonville, FL for 2 days to see my uncle's family and my mom visiting from Sweden! It was so great being with family and hang out with my young cousins.

Representing Liberty at the Southernmost Point! 

My adorable cousin Katie-Belle!

Spring break was great but now we have come back to the reality of school. This week I started two new online classes and looks like things are about to get really busy but I know with God’s strength I will finish this semester strong. I’m sure there’s a lot of high school seniors out there that are feeling the effects of “senioritis” and it’s hard to put a lot of effort into your work. Remember to give it your best the last few months, you won’t regret it!