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Ivy Lake

March 5, 2012

There are days when all I want to do is get away, lay on a beach and relax in peace away from campus. This past week my roommate Lauren and I decided to go somewhere we’ve never been before, Ivy Lake. A lot of students don’t know that Liberty actually owns a lake about 25 minutes from campus in Forest! Liberty received Ivy Lake as a gift from Lynchburg-area residents Tom DeWitt (a Liberty alumnus), Terry Dobyns and Richard Chaffin a few years ago! In 2009 they added on a small beach for students to use.

This past week was pretty stressful and so will this week because of midterms and assignments due before spring break. When I saw the forecast that we were going to have 70 degree weather, I immediately knew I was going to get outside! We decided that we needed to have an afternoon away consisting of a picnic, playing the guitar, singing, a beach photo-shoot, reading the Word, and being goofy! I felt so refreshed after just a couple hours away from the busy-ness of school and life as a college student. Here are some pictures from our photo-shoot and a video of our little afternoon adventure! Look out for some other adventure blogs coming up soon!