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February 27, 2012

If there’s one team in the Big South conference that's our biggest rivalry, it's Coastal Carolina! Liberty has made shirts that say Beat Coastal for years now and gives them out at every game we play against any Coastal team! Thursday night we had our second to last men’s basketball game and the team we played was none other than Coastal Carolina. In Convocation on Wednesday, Basketball Coach Layer and player Jesse Sanders (one of the celebrities of Liberty!) encouraged students to come out on Thursday and support the Flames. They both explained how much the players feed off of the crowd’s energy and enthusiasm! They also told us that the first 200 students to get there would get a Beat Coastal shirt!


I’ve been at Liberty for almost 4 semesters now and I didn’t have a Beat Coastal shirt, so I took this opportunity with my friends to get one! This basketball game was one of my favorites because of how close the score was at the end of the second! With less than a minute to go, the Flames were only up by 3 points and it was the longest last minute of a game! We ended up winning 61-57!! WE BEAT COASTAL!

(Photos by: Kevin Manguiob)