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Snow Day!

February 22, 2012

There really isn’t much that excites students more than a snow day. It’s a day to rest, build snowmen, have giant snowball fights, drink lots of hot chocolate and catch up on homework (well, we like to think we do)! This school year we haven’t had any snow but finally this Sunday night we got 6-8 inches which called for a snow day on Monday! On Sunday night, after hearing that school would be canceled Monday, students got together and organized a massive snowball fight on main campus to celebrate!

(Photo by: Brooke Rardon/Liberty University)

(Photo by: Kevin Manguiob/Liberty University)

On Monday students could be found all around campus playing in the snow and enjoying the day off. Matt Rouse, a student here, made a video of how relaxing the snow day was for him and his friends!