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Children of the World Choir

February 17, 2012

This past week was Missions Emphasis Week at Liberty and we have seen some incredible things! There have been 60 missions organizations here informing students of different opportunities they could have to spread the Gospel. There have been speakers who risked their lives for the Word of God and then we were blessed to hear the World Help Children of the World choir.

Photo taken by Colin Mukri/Liberty University

In Convocation on Wednesday, the children came and gave us a snapshot of their music and then we were told about a full concert they were going to hold on Thursday. I was so excited to get to see a full concert and I am so glad I got the opportunity to go. The performance lasted a little over an hour and we got to see some videos of their home countries and the needs they have. They took up an offering to help put wells all over the world to give the people clean water. Last semester, two of the girls in the choir came to our hall with the lady they stayed with while they had a break and they sang for us. Our hearts were instantly stolen by those two girls, see the video below and you will fully understand why!