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It's Laundry Day

February 13, 2012

Before coming to college, a lot of students have the luxury of putting their dirty clothes into a laundry hamper with the knowledge that they will magically come back clean the next day. When I lived at home that was the case for many years because my wonderful mother would do it for me. Eventually my mom taught us how to do our own laundry and I am so thankful for that, especially while I was at boarding school and now at college. Living on main campus, we don’t have laundry machines in our dorms so we have to walk to do our laundry. This past week, my roommate Lauren and I photographed what doing laundry on campus is like! 

When I decided to go to Liberty, they sent me a Liberty University Laundry Bag and and you can tell by the fading, I have gotten good use out of it. 

Walking to do laundry:

Putting laundry into the machine:

To pay for it, you can either put quarters in or you can get a prepaid laundry card.

Word of advice... If you put your phone, keys and wallet in your laundry bag because you don't have a free hand, make sure and take them out before you dump your laundry into the machine! Thankfully I realized it before I started the washing machine!! 

Don't mix whites and colors! If you've ever seen a guy with a bunch of Pink shirts, then you know they messed up their laundry. One way to avoid doing this is to make sure and use the bright colors setting because the water is colder. 

Washing your clothes takes 30 minutes and drying them takes an hour. I would recommend setting an alarm on your phone so you don't forget to switch your laundry! Doing laundry isn't really that bad because you can get all your different loads done within an hour and a half! Next thing you know, you'll be smiling on your way back to the dorm with clean laundry! 

Photos by: Lauren Dorr