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Relaxed Weekends

February 6, 2012

After being out of town for the past two weekends, I decided that I would have a pretty low-key weekend. Friday evening we had a girls night with a bunch of friends where we made dinner, watched tv and movies! Then on Saturday morning my roomie and I got up and went to breakfast together, spent time in the Word and ran some errands. Lynchburg was rainy and cold so some of my friends and I decided to go to a movie on Saturday afternoon!

One of the best things about Liberty’s campus is that there is a Dollar Movie theater only a few minutes walk from campus! It’s great for a date night, girl’s night or even just to see a movie by yourself to get away! On Saturday we paid $1.50 for the movie, which is super cheap but if you and your friends are looking for an even larger discount, go on a Monday night. On Monday’s if you show up with 3 or more people, it’s only 75¢ per person!

On Saturday night we went out and ate Mexican food and then came back and went to the pool and Jacuzzi in the Lahaye Student Union. Overall, even if you’re looking to have a relaxed weekend in Lynchburg to catch up on sleep, you can still have lots of fun!