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February 3, 2012

At Liberty, we are very passionate about our sports. Part of Jerry Falwell Sr’s vision for Liberty was to train up athletes for Christ and to have excellent athletes to make Liberty's name known. Right before Christmas break, Liberty’s head football coach Danny Rocco transferred to the University of Richmond to coach. Liberty then set out to find a new coach and found one of the best, Turner Gill. 

This past Wednesday I went to an event called “An Evening with Turner Gill” where Coach Gill introduced his coaching staff and the new 2012 signing class. It was really neat to hear his heart for building up our athletic program, not just football, and also his heart for the Lord. He is very focused on building a football team of Champions for Christ. I was so excited to hear all that he had to say and the new energy that he is going to bring to our football team. One thing he was looking for in the new 2012 team was players with explosive movements. I am so excited for our team next year and for what Coach Gill brings to the Flames! 

On Thursday night the Liberty Flames men’s basketball team played Gardner Webb’s Runnin’ Bulldogs. I went to the game with 5 of my friends and we had a blast. Not only was the basketball game good but they were also giving away free shirts, hand towels, and pizzas. During halftime the Special Olympics came and promoted the Polar Plunge, which takes place this month. It was a very close game but the Flames ended up beating the Runnin’ Bulldogs 63-58!