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Spiritual Emphasis Week

January 27, 2012

At Liberty we have a lot of different events where we learn more about Christ, which I love! Every semester there is a week set aside where Liberty brings in a speaker to help get our focus on Christ. It's called Spiritual Emphasis Week. This year Liberty brought in Miles McPherson from The Rock Church in San Diego, California to speak. Miles spoke in convocation last semester and I remember really learning a lot. I was excited for him to come back because one of my closest friends attends his church in California and she speaks so highly of him.

Miles McPherson speaking at Spiritual Emphasis Week
Photo taken by Kevin Manguiob/Liberty University

This week he spoke about a lot of things but one of the main things was Worship. During both of the evening sessions after Miles spoke, we ended up just worshiping the Lord through music for close to an hour. It was so cool, and it just really gave us a glimpse of what heaven is going to look like. We got to hear him speak four different times but the one that stuck out to me the most was Friday morning in convo. Miles spoke about how in our life there will always be people around who are either God’s friends or God’s enemies. For the first time, a pastor really acknowledged that there is an opposing force and he gave us more information about it. We have to be very careful because this enemy of God is always trying to feed us lies. I know so many students were moved this week and really grew in their relationship with God. All I can say is that the Lord is at move on Liberty University’s Campus!