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Road Trip!

January 23, 2012

Early Sunday morning my roommate Drew, our friend Seth and myself set out for Fork Union, Virginia.  This road trip was pretty last minute but we decided to be spontaneous for a day. Now, I’m sure you’re asking where in the world is Fork Union and why would you road trip there? Well, my cousin A.J (junior in high school) recently moved there to attend Fork Union Military Academy to improve his football skills. So, since he could have a day pass away from the academy on Sunday, we decided to spend the day with him!

We started our morning with coffee from Sheetz and hit the road! Most of the drive was on back roads so we got to enjoy much of the beautiful scenery that Virginia has to offer. My favorite part of the trip was that it was SNOWING, not very much at all but it showed us even more of God’s beautiful creation. It was really cool to have our own time of fellowship in the car while worshipping him for the beauty in nature.

Once we got to the academy, we picked him up and headed for a fun day in Charlottesville! We ate lunch together at Buffalo Wild Wings, watched a movie, got Starbucks and stocked him up on snacks! It was really fun to see my cousin and also to spend time with good friends! My cousin is looking at the possibility of coming to Liberty and it would be so fun to have another family member around here. Here is a picture of us outside the Military Academy (sorry for the poor photo quality!)