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First day of class

January 18, 2012

I absolutely love my schedule this semester! The best thing about being in college is that you can pick what classes you want to take and when you want to take them (as long as the class is offered at the time you need it). I was really fortunate that I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which allows me to have a lot of time to study and to work. If you work a job on campus they are very flexible with your class schedule and will work around your schooling so that it is your first priority.  

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I will always be nervous before entering a new class no matter how old I get, especially when I’m not sure if I will know anyone in them. Yesterday I was fortunate and knew people in two out of three of my classes, which helped to lower my anxiety. In the class that I didn’t know anyone, I was able to meet a girl who is now going to be my study partner! I’m very excited for the semester and the classes that I am able to take!

One of the other benefits of going to Liberty is that you have a plethora of online classes to choose from if you want. I am taking two online classes as well, so that I can work on them when I want as long as I meet the weekly deadlines! I would recommend that all residential students take at least one online class so that they can understand how Liberty’s online students go to school. I can’t wait to see how my classes go the rest of the semester and what all I will learn!