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Christmas Convo

December 9, 2011

Every year Liberty has a tradition called Christmas Convo. Christmas convo is definitely one of everyone’s favorite events at the end of fall semester. My first semester at Liberty everyone kept talking about it and said that you will regret it if you miss it. When I went last year I had no idea that everything was a joke, including the announcements. I remember during announcements last year, Johnnie joked around that Tom Cruise was going to come speak about science and Lady Gaga was going to lead worship in convo!

(Photo by Kevin Manguiob)

Everyone loves Christmas convo for several reasons, but the main reason is that it allows us to laugh for pretty much an hour straight and not think about all the finals coming up. Another aspect of Christmas convo that everyone enjoys is that we can all dress up in all of our favorite Christmas outfits, whether that is onesie pajamas or a full Santa costume. Christmas convo is just a great end of the semester event to unwind for an hour and laugh!