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Celebrity of Liberty: Brent Boschman

December 9, 2011

For those of you who read my blogs consistently, you know that I am a huge Liberty Hockey fan. For this week’s “Celebrity of Liberty” I want to introduce you to Brent Boschman. Brent is a junior who has played as a forward on Liberty’s Division 1 Club Hockey team for the past 3 years. Like many of the other hockey players at Liberty, he’s from Canada and has been playing hockey since age 6. Currently, Brent is ranking number 13 in the entire ACHA league for number of points. Not only is he a very talented athlete, he also has a heart for the Lord and loves being surrounded by positive Christian influences here at Liberty.

(Picture by: Les Schofer)

Brent is from Ottawa, Canada which he informed me is the capital. He has 2 brothers who used to play hockey and his dad is a former NHL hockey player. In Canada, hockey is the equivalent to American Football in popularity. Before Brent came to Liberty, he went to a college in Canada for three years while playing junior hockey. When he finished that, he decided to look into playing in the States. Brent came to a Hockey Recruitment College for a Weekend and really fell in love with the place. While he was here for CFAW he had a great experience and decided he was going to come and play hockey for Liberty. He said that he couldn’t imagine himself not playing hockey right now.

Brent was very honest in telling me that when he got to Liberty he was not really a Christian. When he came here it was actually an easy adjustment and through his prayer leaders and really great speakers, he really began to follow Christ. Through out his time at Liberty so far he has learnt a lot both spiritually and academically. Brent is studying right now to get a Sports Management degree and hopes to go on to work for the NHL with that. His dream job is to be a scout for the NHL; however, he knows that the job comes with a lot of sacrifices because of all the traveling involved. Right now he is just focusing on hockey at Liberty and graduating next year and hopefully the details of life after college will just fall into place.  

Brent has played hockey for a long time and a huge influence on his life is his dad, Laurie Boschman. His dad played in the NHL for 14 years beginning at age 19. He now works for Hockey Ministries International, which is a Christian organization that holds Chapel services for the different NHL hockey teams. The coolest thing about that ministry in my opinion is that they minister in Sweden to hockey players there! Being a Christian Hockey player is definitely not a popular thing and there are only approximately 30 Christians in the NHL, which shows that there is a huge need for more Christian influences. 

Something that is a tradition for all of the Hockey players to do at Liberty is to dye their hair bleach blond before the first home game to show team unity. Brent told me that his freshman year he was so excited to be recognized as a hockey player but now he does it for the unity of the team. Another tradition that hockey players all over the world participate in is

Movember, which is an organization that promotes awareness about prostate cancer. Movember is when guys grow mustaches the entire month of November. The guys on the hockey team are like a big family and really enjoy doing things to show that! 

(Photo by Joel Coleman)

Something that I have noticed about all of the people I have interviewed this semester is that they all have grown spiritually after they came to Liberty. It is really encouraging for me to see that people from all different walks of life are looking to the Lord and seeking to glorify Him, whether it be through sports, music, or even dancing. I have not decided if I will continue the “Celebrity of Liberty” series next semester, but check back after Christmas break for more details!!