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November 28, 2011

I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Thanksgiving break was! When I left school I was so exhausted and ready to have a break, and I definitely got to relax and be refreshed. For thanksgiving I went to Atlanta to visit my Grandparents and my brother who lives with them. The first evening after I got there, my grandparents immediately started to spoil me! My brother made dinner for all of us and we just sat around the table enjoying getting caught up on each other’s lives!

(My Cousin, Grandparents, Myself and My Brother) 

We did so many fun things together! On Sunday we went to church together and then went to a prom dress store fashion show that my brother was volunteer modeling for. The next day we went to a Christmas Light show around a lake and it was so pretty! On Wednesday I ventured over to the DMV with my grandpa and we waited around for me to take my drivers license test and I PASSED! I was so nervous that day but I am so happy to say that I finally have my driver’s license!

(Thanksgiving meal that my brother made all by himself!)

In most families the mom will cook the large Thanksgiving Day meal but in our family this year my older brother made it! He is such an excellent cook and I think I have to admit that this was my favorite meal I’ve ever had on Thanksgiving! That night my brother and some of our friends went black Friday shopping for the first time ever, and I definitely think it was my last time! We didn’t go shopping for anything specific other than some DVD’s and clothing. The best thing about Black Friday is watching other people go crazy and fight over things that are so dumb and inexpensive. It was very ironic to me that people were just being thankful for what they have and then a few hours later they were going crazy for the things that they didn’t have! I even got a video at a department store of people being so excited to get in at midnight.