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CFAW and Football

November 9, 2011

This past weekend was College for a Weekend on Liberty’s campus. For those of you who don’t know about CFAW, it is a chance for high school students to come for the weekend and see what it is like to go to Liberty. I’ve mentioned before that I never came to CFAW and I really wish I would have because it is such a great experience to be able to see if Liberty is really the right university for you! I had two girls stay with me from Pennsylvania who are looking at coming to Liberty when they graduate from high school. One extra special thing that happened this weekend was that the David Crowder Band came and did a show from the final tour together as a band, and everyone who came to CFAW got a ticket. I waited too late to try and buy a ticket and missed out but we went to the hockey game instead.

(The girls that stayed with me and their friend!) 

Not only was this weekend CFAW but we also had our final home football game against VMI for the season, until the playoffs. This was a special home game because it was also military appreciation day. There was a huge half-time show to honor all of the military. They were specifically honoring all of the Liberty students who have served or are serving in the armed forces. It was really special to see so many students who have fought for our country and continue to do so.

(Halftime tribute to our nation's heroes. Photo by: Les Schofer)

After half time I got really cold because the sun went down and I did not dress accordingly. My roommate and I decided to go over to the bookstore and get Peppermint Mocha’s to warm up and we ended up watching the rest of the game on the screen from there. It was such a great weekend and I really enjoyed our final home game where we beat VMI 37-31! Liberty has a 5-0 record for their conference games and have played an excellent season!

(Drew and I staying warm in the bookstore)