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Celebrity of Liberty: Chris Deitsch

November 4, 2011

On this week’s “Celebrity of Liberty” blog post, I am going to highlight someone who every student has either heard preach, give announcements in Convocation or had as a teacher in Prayer Leader Class. Chris Deitsch graduated from Liberty in 2005 and he also played on Liberty’s football team while he was here. Chris was the only student to have done 10 semesters as a Prayer Leader and is now heading up that ministry as well as being a discipleship pastor for Liberty. He is currently going to school for his Masters in Divinity and hopes to graduate in December from that.

Chris Deitsch is originally from Lorensburg, Kentucky and he still considers that home. He came to Liberty in 2000 and walked on Liberty’s football team. His freshman year he was redshirted, which allowed him to stay at Liberty for 5 years. The reason that he originally chose to come to Liberty was because God was leading him to come here. Liberty was a perfect fit for him because it offered a conservative religious degree, an accredited pre-med degree, and a NCAA football team. At the time when he was applying to universities, Liberty was the only school that he knew of which offered all three. When Chris came to Liberty he originally thought he wanted to do something in the medical field, but the Lord eventually laid it on his heart to go into full-time vocational ministry. 

Chris teaches 7 prayer leader classes all day long on Wednesday and does an excellent job at that. I can’t even imagine teaching the same lesson 7 times but he manages to do it with enthusiasm all day long! Going to prayer leader class is definitely something that I look forward to and every week I want to teach my prayer groups on what Chris teaches us. Not only does Chris work full time and go to graduate school he is also adjusting to life as a newlywed.

This past summer Chris got married to a girl named Rachel who he knew since she came to Liberty. He was friends with her for a few years and eventually decided to ask her out after emailing back and forth with her for a month. One year after the first day he asked her out he proposed to her. His proposal was very simple however it had a year of thought put into it. He had been writing in a journal after every time they hung out, keeping different movie stubs or important things to remember everytime they went out on a date. The day he proposed he gave her the book with everything he had been writing and collecting for the past year and then got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

Chris and Rachel really enjoy doing ministry together and that is one way they spend quality time together while balancing other aspects of their lives. Part of their ministry to students is having them over to their house, which God has blessed them with. Chris explained how they are trying to model their relationship from the first man and woman, Adam and Eve. When God created Adam, he gave him the responsibility of working (which was before sin entered the world) and Eve came along as a helpmate. It is really neat to see someone in a leadership position modeling what a Godly marriage should look like. He and Rachel plan on being at Liberty until God clearly shows them it is time to go somewhere else! 

Chris is able to impact the lives of students here on campus and invests in so many lives by being involved with the Prayer Leaders. God has and will continue to touch student’s lives and I would really recommend getting involved with being a Prayer Leader, it is a great ministry! You will be very blessed by going to prayer leader class every week and it will definitely help you with your ministry in Prayer Groups! Check back in 2 weeks for the next “Celebrity of Liberty!”