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Why I chose Liberty

October 26, 2011

When I started my college search, I had no intention of looking for a Christian University. Since I was overseas while I was a senior in High School, I could not go around and look at different universities to help make my decision. I did however visit a big secular school in North Carolina while I was in the States on vacation the summer before my senior year of high school. While I was there, I fell in love with that campus and it was in the same city as a really close family friend. So in the fall of my senior year I applied for early decision only to that one University. In December they notified that I had been accepted and I of course decided that I would go there.

The spring semester of my Senior year of high school was one of the biggest turning points in my life and I really decided to follow after the Lord’s will for my life. Part of what the Lord was telling me was that I did not need to be at a secular university and that I needed to be in a Christian environment to grow. So my parents immediately encouraged me to apply to Liberty and it ended up that all the details worked out smoothly and I was accepted within a few weeks! I am also saving a lot of money being here, which is a huge blessing for our family financially!

(Photo of my mom and I during freshman welcome week at Liberty)

When most students show up for their freshman year of college, they have seen or visited the campus previously. When I showed up on Liberty’s campus I had no idea where anything was or what to expect! Thankfully the leadership on my hall was really helpful! The best thing that I did during freshman week was to explore the campus with friends to get the layout of everything.  I would really encourage you to come to College For A Weekend once before you actually become a student at Liberty because you will be much better prepared than I was! For more information about CFAW, click here

(Photo courtesy of Liberty University)