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October 24, 2011

This past week I wasn’t feeling very well so I decided that I needed to go to the doctor. Now when you’re in college and you’re away from your family doctor, where do you go? At Green Hall on Liberty’s campus, Centra Medical Group has set up a doctor’s office that students can come to. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Lane, Dr. Hueber or Nurse Practitioner Cassandra Taylor. I have been to all three of them and they are all excellent. This option is perfect for me because I don’t have a car here and would therefore have to rely on someone else to drive me. Thanks to Health Services on campus, I can go to the doctor without having to rely on someone else!

In order to go to the doctor you need to call ahead and make an appointment with the receptionist. Every time I have called, I have gotten an appointment the day of, but you have to call early in the morning. When you come in you will need to fill out medical paper work (if it is your first time there). If your insurance requires a co-pay, then you will pay it at check-in. After you are checked in, a nurse will call you back to get your weight, height, blood pressure, temperature and heart rate. The nurse will then ask you the different symptoms you have been experiencing and she will write them down for the doctor. He will then come in and talk to you and hopefully tell you what he thinks is wrong with you or that he is going to run more tests.

The thing that I love about the doctors is that they are very invested in your health. My roommate had kidney stones and had to go to the hospital and the doctor at Health Services kept checking up on her to make sure everything was going well. He even took time to call her mom several times to keep her informed with what was going on. Not only are they good doctors, they also exhibit Christian characteristics.