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Bonfire night!

October 24, 2011

On Saturday, instead of tailgating with the dorm, we decided to have a bonfire night after the football game with our brother and sister dorm! Not only was there a huge bonfire but we also played a lot of fun games and explored in the woods on the property we were at (which was a little scary because it was dark). We played an egg toss game and thankfully the egg cracked in my partner's hand and not mine! One of the guys even decided to be a daredevil and jump over the fire! 

(My friend Vickie and I at the Bonfire!) 

The strangest things that some of us did that night was a game called “star tipping," which can only be played when its dark out. I will try to explain it to the best of my ability! Basically you have 8 people standing in a circle and one person in the middle of that circle. The person in the middle then begins to spin around while focusing on one star. After 20 seconds of spinning someone yells stop and then they flash a bright light in the spinning person's face. Then what usually happens is the person spinning falls right to the ground! I did this two times and both times it made me fall immediately! This sounds really dumb but we just had so much fun laughing and seeing everyone’s reactions!