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Snowflex Midnight Madness

October 19, 2011

This past weekend was homecoming, which meant there were more events than any other weekend all semester. There was no possible way to attend all of them! On Friday evening there was a bunch of athletic games and other events for Alumni. I decided to go to the Hockey game because it is one of my favorite sports. Then after the game two of my friends and I went to Starbucks for pumpkin spice latte’s and we headed over to the Pep Rally Bonfire. It was really fun at the bonfire because all of the football team, cheerleaders, and the drum line were there to kick-off cheering for the Flames in the homecoming game the next day.

Friday night at 11:45 pm we continued our fun night by going up to the Snowflex for the midnight madness! They had professional snowboarders, skiers, music, and glow sticks to “get the party started.” This is the first time Snowflex has ever had an event like this and it was really successful! They played a type of music called dubstep, which is a type of electronic dance music. This was probably one of the most successful late night events I have ever been to because so many people came out!