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Celebrity of Liberty: James Black

October 3, 2011

This next celebrity on Liberty’s campus that I interviewed might not sound like one to some of you. His name is James Black. What James is known for on campus is dancing at football and basketball games in the aisles, jumping during worship in convocation, and most of all being a light for Jesus wherever he goes. Before I talked to James I barely knew anything about him but now I can clearly see that he is pursuing Christ with all his heart.

James Black at the Chancellor's Cookout
(Photo by: Joel Coleman/Liberty University)

James is a sophomore originally from Washington D.C but moved to Orlando, Florida when he was 8. He liked living in Orlando but prefers Washington D.C. He is an only child and loved it because he got his parents' undivided attention. He was homeschooled until high school when he went to a private Christian school. When he was in high school he really dedicated his life to the Lord after hearing a Liberty graduate preach in chapel. In high school a pastor told him that he had the gift of encouragement and he decided he wanted to use it in Youth Ministry. God immediately laid it on his heart to come to Liberty and he obeyed. His transition into coming to Liberty was really smooth and he made close friends really fast.

One thing that James is very passionate about is sharing the Gospel wherever he goes. This is why you will rarely catch him without the Bible at his side. He knows that there is always an opportunity to tell people about Christ and never wants to be caught off guard. He has been involved in Student Leadership by being a Prayer Leader and he loves the ministry. God has allowed him to speak into the lives of 5 guys and to point them in the right direction and he loves this ministry. James has also been on two missions trips with MFuge, one in Nashville, Tennessee and the other in Birmingham, Alabama. 

James loves to dance to be able to glorify Christ. You can often find him at football and basketball games running up and down the aisles dancing. He says that he used to dance in high school at homecoming and prom for his own recognition but now he does it to the glory of God. He is honored to be recognized on campus and loves it when lots of people say hi to him! One day he hopes to have a ministry of his own in a church working with youth and hopes to get married as well!

He really loves Lynchburg because there are so many things to do. His favorite coffee shop is called the White Hart in downtown Lynchburg and mostly he enjoys getting into conversations about God. Not only does James dance at sports events, he also Salsa dances on Friday nights. One thing that we had in common is that we both hiked sharp top this semester. I will say that his idea of hiking is more intense than mine because he climbed Sharp Top twice in flip-flops and it only took him an hour! 

James has a huge heart for the Lord and for loving people. He radically lives his faith out and isn’t afraid to share the gospel with everyone. I really enjoyed talking with him and then taking the photo booth pictures. I also made this video of him dancing at the past football game and I hope it will give you a glimpse of why everyone loves his dancing and how he really gets the crowd cheering! Come back in 2 weeks for the next Celebrity of Liberty highlight.