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Intramural Soccer

October 3, 2011

Since soccer is one of my favorite sports to watch, you can sometimes find me watching my friends play intramural soccer on east campus. Both last week and this week I went over to watch some girls on my hall and some guys in our brother dorm play on their different teams. It is such a fun atmosphere because it allows us to show up and support each other. I think we are some of the loudest fans out there cheering on their teams. Usually about 15-20 of us show up to support them. The new turf intramural fields are great and I enjoy hanging out on them.

On Tuesday evening while I was at the guy’s soccer game, I snapped a picture of their team grandma! A girl on my hall dresses up as their team grandma every week when we go out to watch the games! We all have a lot of fun watching her cheer them on and we end up having a comedy act to watch as well as a soccer game.