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Leadership Retreat!

September 23, 2011

This past weekend was a really busy and eventful weekend! On Friday night, the leadership on our hall went out to dinner at a very nice restaurant called Robin Alexander in downtown Lynchburg. Not only is the food absolutely amazing, they take flames cash! We all wore nice outfits, heels and had a really fun photo shoot in downtown Lynchburg on the steps between Church street and Court street. Afterwards, some of us went to the White Hart café and others of us came back to watch Soul Surfer at the outdoor movie event.


On Saturday morning the 12 of us got up really early, unsure of where our head leadership was taking us. All they told us was to wear warm athletic clothes that could possibly get dirty. We drove for about 40 minutes and when we got there we instantly knew what they had planned. We were going hiking! Now this isn’t just some ordinary hike, it was a 1.5 mile hike to the summit of 3,875 ft. which different website have called a strenuous hike or a 3 out of 4 on the difficulty scale. We took turns carrying a 25-pound backpack up to the top, which had our lunch in it. Little did we know, our head leadership had some other very interesting challenges planned. 

Our first challenge was to recite scripture one after another while hiking for 10 minutes. The second challenge was that we had to be tied together with another girl for 10 minutes. Just imagine doing a 3-legged race up a mountain!! The next challenge was that we had to pray for the girls in our prayer group for a stretch of the hike. The final challenge was that we had to pair up with someone and one of us was blindfolded. The other person then gave us verbal instructions on where to go. That was the hardest one because the person blindfolded really had their lives in your hands.  On the way down 6 of us decided to run down which was a huge challenge because you have to think so fast where to place your foot next.

The leadership retreat weekend was really great because we were able to bond over a really fancy dinner. We also had the opportunity to be out in the forest and bond over being in the middle of a mountain! We can now say that we were literally in the clouds together this weekend!