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Spiritual Emphasis Week

September 12, 2011

This past week we had Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) here at Liberty. Once a year we have a week that is dedicated to growing the students spiritually and for the past 6 years Clayton King has been the speaker for it. The first time I ever heard Clayton King speak last was last year at SEW and I loved it! This year Clayton definitely preached on some deeper issues and really challenged us in huge ways.

(Photo by: Joel Coleman/Liberty University)

On Monday night Clayton preached about how we need to be real with God about everything because he already knows what is going on (Psalm 139). Tuesday night he preached about when we feel God is distant from us and why that is. He then spoke in Convocation on Wednesday morning about the difference in believing in your head that Jesus is real and truly following him with your heart. Wednesday night he spoke about when God calls using Isaiah 6. By the end of the week over 200 people were saved and many more were brought to their knees before the Lord to relaunch their commitment to him. I am so thankful to be part of a school where our pastors boldly proclaim the gospel and we are encouraged in our walk with Christ daily.