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How to get sick

September 7, 2011

So this past weekend I got sick, as well as half of the other residential students. It was probably just a common cold but I felt horrible! It was the kind of cold where the only thing that helps you get better is sleep. So I decided to have a little fun with it and tell you everything to do if you want to get sick.

1) Don’t Sleep
2) Go to every single late night approved event
3) Eat junk food in your room
4) Only eat cheeseburgers in the cafeteria with a huge plate of fries, no veggies allowed
5) Run around and touch every door knob you can find
6) Share your food and drinks with everyone
7) Never wash your hands
8) Every time you drink something make sure its Soda, no water allowed
9) Don’t wear a jacket when its cold and rainy
10) Never take your vitamins

Now, I don’t really do all of those things but a majority of the time we just get so busy that we forget to take care of ourselves! It’s the times that I’m really sick at college that make me more thankful for all the times that my mom has called just to remind me to take my vitamins and sleep! I know that taking vitamins helped me keep away some nasty sicknesses that were going around! There is a way to stay healthy in college and usually it just involves an adequate amount of sleep!

When you do get sick, slow down, drink some hot tea with lemon and honey, and don't freak out!

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