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Late Night Bridge Construction

September 2, 2011

In convocation on Wednesday morning, Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. announced that there was going to be an approved late night event to watch construction workers put up the pedestrian bridge over Wards Road. This pedestria bridge will allow students a safer and easier way to access the stores and restaurants on Wards Road. Since this was only going to happen once, my friends and I decided to stay up late and head over at 12a.m. to see the bridge be put up. When we stepped out of the dorm it decided to pour rain, so instead of heading back indoors, we embraced the torrential downpour and splashed in puddles on our way there!

Eventually the rain stopped and we were able to hang out and see this amazing bridge be put into place. We ventured over to Sheetz where they were giving out free cookies and coupons! I love Sheetz because it is one of the many places in Lynchburg that takes Flames Cash (part of your meal plan which you can use to pay at various locations off campus). This was so much fun because people had their cars blasting music and it was just a fun atmosphere! I can now say that I witnessed the Bridge over Wards Road being put into place! 

(Photos By: Joel Coleman)