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Crisis in the Horn of Africa

September 1, 2011

In Convocation last Friday, Vernon Brewer (the founder and president of WorldHelp) came and talked to us about the crisis in Somalia. A crisis that a majority of Americans are unaware of. Last night, we had a joint Hall Meeting with our bother and sister dorm (M9 and M16). Our hall leadership invited Jessica Cockran, a former Liberty University student who now works for WorldHelp, to come and speak to us about Somalia and how we can get involved. Jessica is putting on a free benefit concert at Liberty on September 9 from 8-11pm in the Schilling Center.

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She gave us some shocking statistics about the crisis there. Over 90,000 children have died within the past 90 days, 12 million people are at the risk of starving, and its only going to get worse. She really urged us not to get emotional about it but to really get involved. It was really neat because afterwards we took up an offering and between our 3 dorms we have raised over $700. We have been challenged by our hall to skip one small meal this week and instead give that money to WorldHelp. Just $1 can provide 40 meals for people!

Here is the World Help website for more information about how to help: