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Jon Acuff in Convocation

September 1, 2011

Having Jon Acuff in convocation today was a perfect way to start a Monday morning. I really think your day goes a lot better when you begin it with humor. Jon Acuff wrote the book “Stuff Christian Like” which has become a huge success, especially on college campuses. My friends and I are often caught sitting around reading aloud some of the insanities that we Christians are guilty of doing. Jon does a great job of using satire to show what Christians do wrong.

Jon Acuff's book "Stuff Christians Like"

Jon originally created a blog called which instantly got attention around the world. Today, in Convocation, my favorite part was when he talked about the Deep V-neck Syndrome. I have definitely noticed how guys (in particular, worship majors) are wearing deeper and deeper V-neck shirts. He said that it always begins when a guy asks, “I wonder if I could wear a V-neck?” He continued to go into detail with the different stages of the syndrome.

Jon Acuff speaks in Convocation (Photo by: Joel Coleman)

I would recommend that you go onto his website for more interesting stories: