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Texas Roadhouse

May 2, 2011

Texas Roadhouse is most definitely my favorite restaurant in Lynchburg. Here is a little glimpse at the Texas Roadhouse experience..

When you get to your table they immediately bring out an endless supply of their famous Sweet Rolls with cinnamon butter and peanuts. It usually doesn’t take very long to get drinks and then order food. Their menu consists of a variety of foods. The best food for the lowest prices are their Cheeseburgers and Ranger Meals (Chicken Critters, Andy’s Steak, & Rib Basket). They also have a good special that allows you to choose from 10 different dinners for $7.99 on Mon-Thur until 6 PM.

Another very entertaining aspect of Texas Roadhouse that is how they celebrate birthdays! They get their loudest employee to yell to everyone that it is your birthday while they humiliate you by making you stand on a chair or sit on a saddle. Then they get everyone to yell, YEE-HAW.

Well, this Saturday was my birthday and needless to say, I got the full Texas Roadhouse experience. I don’t think I have ever been so embarrassed in my life, but it was so much fun!

If you’re really smart you will join the Texas Roadhouse VIP member club, where they send you different coupons and for your birthday they give you a free appetizer! Best of all, they take Flames Cash which is “money” that your meal plan gives you to eat out at certain restaurants. If you’re like me, you definitely have to watch out and make sure you don’t spend it all within the first month of the semester!