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April 28, 2011

Over the past few days Lynchburg has received a torrential downpour like nothing I have seen before. The dark clouds begin to roll in and then all of the sudden the skies let loose with rain, thunder and lightning. I’ve been hearing on the news of similar storms that have ravished the country, much worse than what Lynchburg has seen. Many of the Southern states have been devastated by tornadoes. We need to be in prayer for those impacted in so many different places.

Since I came to Liberty in the fall, I have been shocked at how great the weather is here. Everyone kept using the nickname Drench-burg for Lynchburg and I was always so confused because it seems like it hardly rains here. However, after living in cold, rainy, and snowy Sweden, I’m pretty sure I would consider any weather great. Up until this week there hasn’t been anything  to complain about in the weather department, but these huge storms definitely have everyone buzzing. Especially the Liberty girls, including myself, whose hair gets ruined the minute they step outside!

Hopefully this weekend these storms will let up and give us a few days to enjoy the sun before finals. It probably is a blessing in disguise that it has been raining so much because it keeps us from procrastinating. It is so tempting to want to sit outside in the sun and not get work done, but being cooped up inside makes us buckle down and get studying done. Only 5 more days of classes before finals!