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Finals Survival Guide!

April 27, 2011

As finals approach and stress increases we are all in need of some practical ways to get through it. So here is a quick list of how to prepare for and survive finals week.

1) Eat Healthy- It may be tempting to just go run to the vending machine and get whatever is fast and most convenient. However, it is very important to eat a balanced meal and yes, eat your veggies like Mom always told you to. Eating too much can cause you to feel lethargic but eating too little can cause you to feel hunger pangs and can break concentration.

2) Exercise- According to Dr. Leavis of Tufts University School of Medicine there is a rise in epinephrine secretion during exercise, which increases your awareness, therefore improving your ability to concentrate while studying. From a 30 minute vigorous aerobic activity you will reap the benefits for up to 12 hours.

3) Start Studying Early- I know this is the most obvious one of them all but lets be real, how often do we actually start to study earlier than the night before an Exam. Plan to begin studying at least a few days in advance and then the night before, just review the material to refresh you memory.

4) SLEEP- According to UC San Diego’s Wellness Center, studies show that students remember detailed course material better the next day if they get a good night's sleep. Instead of staying up all night trying to “cram” more information into your already bursting brains, get a few extra hours of sleep.

I hope these are some helpful simple tips that can make your Finals week better and if all else fails, just chug an energy drink and deal with the crash later on!