Admissions Scholarships

Confirmation Deposit Scholarships

Liberty offers generous scholarship packages for those willing to work hard in school and complete their admissions process early. Apply and place your confirmation deposit  to secure thousands of dollars in scholarships before even being admitted! The earlier you act, the more scholarships available. Contact the admissions office to learn about the deadlines applicable to you.

Liberty Champion

Qualifications: Apply to Liberty University and submit your $250 Confirmation Deposit before the deadline.

Amount: $1,000 for 1st year; $2,500 for 2nd year; $3,000 for 3rd year; $3,500 for 4th year.

Early Deposit Award

Qualifications: Apply to Liberty University and submit your $250 Confirmation Deposit before the deadline; scholarship amount decreases incrementally the later the deposit is placed.

Amount: Up to $2,000 awarded to first year of enrollment (varies depending on date of deposit).

Priority Program

Qualifications: Complete the 4 A's of Admissions (including paying your $250 Confirmation Deposit) by the early deadlines of the Priority Program, and you will be entered into a drawing for one of four scholarships!

Amount: Between $5,000 - Full Tuition (varies by deadline)

Academic ACHIEVEMENT Scholarship

Qualifications: Students must apply to Liberty University and send their transcripts and test scores to determine eligibility for academic scholarships. If a student is eligible, academic scholarships are automatically awarded after the student has paid their $250 Confirmation Deposit and submitted their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Amount: Between $1,500 - Full Tuition (per year for four years; see the Academic Scholarship Award chart)


New Student Book Dollars

Qualifications: Apply to Liberty University AND complete Financial Check-In before the deadline set by the Admissions Office.

Amount: Up to $400 for the first semester only. (Varies depending on date of Financial Check-In) Financial Check-In secures your enrollment at Liberty University.

Additional scholarships


Scholarships within the university:

For a comprehensive list of scholarships offered for Liberty University's Resident Undergraduate program, please visit our Financial Aid Scholarships page.

Scholarships outside the university:

The Student Advocate Office at Liberty University gives students the tools they need to locate outside scholarships during CFAW and Orientation events. For helpful information on locating scholarships outside the university, you can also take advantage of principles offered in Scholarship Search 101.