Undergraduate Admissions Requirements

The Admissions Committee welcomes applications for first-year, transfer and readmit admission. When we read undergraduate applications, we value intellectual ability, academic achievement, and personal qualities that will contribute to the university mission and campus community. The university reserves the right to withdraw an application for admission after 60 days of inactivity.


Admission decisions are competitive and are based primarily on the following factors:

  • Cumulative High School GPA and college (if applicable)
  • GED scores (if applicable)
  • Consistency and trends of grades
  • Results from the SAT* or ACT without writing, using the highest score on each section
  • Essay submission

Note: Other documentation such as reference letters, community service, and leadership, may also be helpful or required by the admissions committee.

Mid-ranges for enrolled freshmen:

  • High School GPA                                3.17-3.85
  • SAT* (math and critical reading)      950-1170
  • ACT composite                                    20-26

This means that 50% of admitted students come from above or below the ranges.

*The new SAT will change to Evidence-Based Writing and Reading

Course Requirements

Liberty does not have specific course requirements for applicants; however, the recommended curriculum prepares applicants for classroom expectations at Liberty. The recommended curriculum includes:

  • 4 units of English
  • 2-3 years of college preparatory mathematics
  • 2 years of laboratory science
  • 2 years of social science
  • 2 years of foreign language
  • At least 4 units of elective credits 

Still have questions? Contact an Admissions Counselor.