Home-school Admissions

Liberty University would like to extend a warm welcome to home-schoolers everywhere! We would love to partner with you as you seek the college environment that will be the best fit for you. We appreciate the individual drive and appetite for success that home-schooling provides for students. We would like to encourage that process as you seek to accomplish your goals and dreams.


Home-school applicants must follow the 4 A's of Admissions just like traditional students. For acceptance, home-school applicants please refer to the Home-school Admissions Policy page for a list of required documents.


All home-school transcripts must meet certain university standards to facilitate an admission decision and academic placement. Please review the transcript guidelines for more information.

Advantage Program

Liberty’s Home-school Advantage Program offers home-schooled juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn up to 14 Bible, theology, and evangelism college credits before enrolling at Liberty.  This program allows them to get a head start on required courses before enrollment.