College For A Weekend (CFAW) is a great opportunity for church youth groups, school groups and other types of groups to experience Liberty University. Bringing a group is easy and has its perks. 

While at CFAW, you are welcome to participate in any of the activities your students enjoy.  From the Thursday evening Welcome Rally to Friday classes and Convocation, we hope you will take the time to experience all Liberty has to offer.

In addition, Youth Leaders and Group Leaders registering and making payment for 10 or more eligible students can receive a free hotel room and meals for the weekend!  At least 10 students must be registered and paid 24 calendar days prior to your chosen CFAW date.  The free hotel/meals promo deadline is:

  • August 29, 2016
  • October 17, 2016

Group Leaders who do not meet the eligibility requirements during Check-In will need to secure and pay for their own accommodations.  For area hotel listings, please visit our local accommodation page.



All groups must be pre-registered.  However, the same costs and eligibility guidelines established for individual registrants apply to students in groups. More information can be found on our CFAW homepage.*

*The Half-Priced Friend Promotion is no longer available starting August 4, 2015.

Registration steps


Step-By-Step Tutorial

Create a student (group) leader account by visiting the LU Event Registration page.  Please input all of your information into the form accordingly and know that your organization's information will not be needed during this step.

You will set up a personal profile with a username and password.  You will need this username and password in order to access your registration and be able to register for future CFAW events.



Step-By-Step Tutorial

Once your username and password are established, log in and select "register your group."  Then, select which weekend you would like to sign up for.  During this step, you will fill in your organization's information.  Once complete, select "submit," and you will receive an email confirming the registration of your group.



Download the Group Registration Form (check back here for the form 6/4) and complete each column for every student. Save and email the completed form to by the deadline below.  Your group will be registered in our system within 2 business days.  The registration deadlines are as follows:

  • September CFAW: September 15, 2016
  • November CFAW: November 3, 2016



Acceptable forms of payment include credit card, debit card or check.  Cash is accepted at Check-in only.

Group Leaders have the option of paying for their group.  If group leaders opt to have the students make individual payments instead, the students may do so by providing payment in their event registration or calling the Resident Admissions Office at (800) 543-5317.

Please note that students who have submitted the $250 Confirmation Deposit are able to attend one (1) CFAW for $25!  Students may notate this in their event registration or contact the Resident Admissions Office to redeem this offer.

Payments can be made ANYTIME after Step 3.  To make a payment, please contact the CFAW Group Coordinator Team at (434) 582-2064.  Please have card information ready at the time of the call.

The group payment deadlines are as follows:

  • September CFAW: September 15, 2016
  • November CFAW: November 3, 2016

If a student decides not to attend the CFAW, you may replace the student with another eligible student.  You can do so by emailing and providing the registration change information.



Download the Housing Registration Form.  Please fill the blue highlighted sections only. Once completed, save it for your records, and send to

Please note:

  • Only two students may room together at a time for all housing locations.
  • A student housing preference is not guaranteed.  However, we will do our best to make the accommodation when possible.
  • The CFAW Groups Office will not be able to fulfill any LU friend requests and cannot guarantee a specific housing assignment.  An existing LU friend request must be coordinated directly through the LU student and their Resident Assistant.

The Housing Registration deadlines are as follows:

  • September CFAW: September 15, 2016
  • November CFAW: November 3, 2016



Congratulations!  Your group is now ready to attend the CFAW event.  Remember, every student under the age of 18 prior to CFAW needs to complete the Participation Form.  Students must bring this signed form and provide to a Liberty representative during CFAW Check-In upon arrival.

Please keep in contact with the CFAW Groups Coordination Team if you have any specific questions.  Should you have any questions or concerns please give us a call at (434) 582-2043 or (434) 582-2064.  We will be in contact with you the week of the event to finalize all group information.  Please continue to monitor your emails for any updates.

CFAW Groups