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Meet the Resident Directors: Main Campus Female

Aly Sprecher

Home Town: Raleigh, NC

Residential Halls: M21

Life Verse: Romans 12:2

Interests: Running, crafting, writing, photographing, hammocking, and drinking coffee & tea!

Jess Kemp

Home Town: Gainesville, GA

Residential Halls: M33

Life Verse: Ephesians 3:14-21

Interests: I love adventures and surprises! Neither ever seem to get old! I also love a nice cup of tea with a roaring fire, a fluffy blanket, and a good book. I will take any chance I get to create something new, to meet someone new, to see something new, or learn something new :)

Hilary Walters

Home Town: Chesterfield, VA

Residential Halls: M07, M27

Life Verse: Galatians 2:20

Interests: Drinking coffee, reading, cooking and baking, hanging out with my husband, exploring local shops and restaurants.

Morgan Stone

Home Town: Hanover, Pennsylvania

Residential Halls: C01B: 5-8

Life Verse: Psalm 19:14

Interests: Swimming, biking, kayaking, cooking, and the Boston Red Sox. I love drinking coffee, being near the ocean, and spending time with family

Elle Simmons

Home Town: Lynchburg, VA

Residential Halls: C01B: 1-4

Life Verse: Isaiah 60:1

Interests: I love spending time with family and friends, trail running on Candlers Mountain, extreme sports, intramurals, settlers of catan, coffee, almond milk, grilling out, bluegrass festivals, things that sparkle (such as fire flies, diamonds, flowers) and most importantly Jesus :)!

Rebekah Jones

Home Town: Colonial Heights, VA

Residential Halls: M29, M30

Life Verse: Galatians 2:20

Interests: Spending time with my fiance, family and friends, reading good/challenging books, drinking coffee, women's ministry, cooking, working out and running, Alabama football and softball

Joannah Johnson

Home Town: Kansas City, Missouri

Residential Halls: M19, M20

Life Verse: Romans 8:12-17

Interests: I love to camp, mountain climb, hike, shoot guns, drink coffee, watch basketball and cook!


Lexie Dache

Home Town: Fairfax, VA

Residential Halls: M28

Life Verse: Psalm 73

Interests: I love laughing over my family's quirkiness, having friends who are amazing cooks, reading through comments on my favorite authors' blogs, and writing about the messy parts of life.


Senior Resident Directors

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