Meet the Resident Directors: Main Campus Male

Issac Lacey

Home Town: Rushville, Ohio

Residential Halls: M31, M32

Life Verse: Romans 8:1-4

Interests: Trail running, biking, and learning
new things.

Jordan Nickerson

Home Town: Westminster, MA

Residential Halls: M18, M23

Life Verse: Ephesians 2:1-10

Interests: My wife, sports, music, watching
Boston sports, family and friends.

Josiah Claypool

Home Town: Rome, NY

Residential Halls: C02B: 1-4

Life Verse: John 17:20-21

Interests: Playing sports, weight training,
and photography.

Tanner Petty

Home Town: Ridgefield, CT

Residential Halls: C01A: 5-8

Life Verse: Romans 3:23-26

Interests: Sports, Crossfit, any other
physical activity, and my wife Kayla.

Daniel Kromidas

Home Town: Bristol, Connecticut

Residential Halls: M25, M26

Life Verse: John 6:35

Interests: My wife Kristi, sports, traveling, reading, family and friends.

Chris Deaton

Home Town: Belmont, North Carolina

Residential Halls: C02B: 5-8

Life Verse: 2 Corinthians 12:9

Interests: Mountain biking, hiking, camping, reading, playing guitar, and day dreaming.

Senior Resident Directors

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Resident Directors:   Main Campus Female

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