Safety/Security Policies

Safety Rails

Students should not make modifications to the residence room or its furnishings (e.g.., disassembling furniture, hanging items from ceiling tile supports, tampering with telephone wires, etc.). Furniture may not be removed from the room.

For student safety all elevated sleeping surfaces have bed safety rails installed.  It becomes the student's responsibility to enter a work order if a bed safety rail is missing or not secured to any elevated surface in their room.  Work orders must be submitted on the Field Operation's Work Order System.

Students are not permitted to ever remove the bed safety rail.

Bed Safety Rails and Headboard-Footboard Access

  • Bunk beds/Loft Kits must not be moved from walls creating a side without a bed safety rail.
  • Safety Rails must not be rendered ineffective by placing against the wall.
  • Either the headboard/footboard acts as a ladder.

Furniture must not obstruct access to headboard or footboard used as a ladder.  For student safety, bunking, debunking and height adjustment of bunk beds and loft kits must be requested on the Facilities Management Work Order system.  The request will be performed only by Facilities Management approved staff. 

Any questions regarding residence room furnishings should be addressed to the Resident Director or Resident Assistant.  Student Leadership does not have the authority to allow or perform the assembly, disassembly or removal of furniture.

In Residence Halls M07 and M17-M19 furniture and personal belongings must be kept at least 48 inches from the front of the air conditioning units so that airflow is not restricted.

Residence Hall Safety and Security

It is necessary for every resident to share the responsibility for the safety and security of his/her residence hall. The following is a list of safety/security violations (this list is not all inclusive):

  • Discharging a false alarm/setting off alarm with fireworks or smoke
  • Tampering with the locking mechanism of any residence hall door
  • Disconnecting/tampering with any smoke detector in a residence hall or room
  • Discharging a fire extinguisher for reasons other than extinguishing a fire
  • Lighting a fire in or around a residence hall
  • Possession/use of matches, lighters, candles, incense, or other flammable substances in a residence hall
  • Propping open any exterior residence hall door
  • Possession/use of halogen lamps
  • Tampering with a fire extinguisher (or other safety equipment) in any way
  • Climbing in/out of residence hall window
  • Stepping on a/c or heating unit
  • Adjustment or modification of bedroom furniture that creates a safety issue (this list is not all inclusive):
    • Blocking access to climbing bunk beds/Loft via headboard or footboard acting as ladder
    • Removing bed safety rails or Loft Kit Stabilizer bars
    • Tampering with bed height (students must place a work order)
    • Moving bunk beds/Loft Kits creating a side without a bed safety rail
    • Safety Rails must not be rendered ineffective by placing against the wall

Commission of any safety/security violation will result in a $100 fine. If the violation occurs in a residence room and no one claims responsibility, the consequences will be shared equally among the occupants of the room. If the violation occurs in the residence hall (or any commons area) and no one claims responsibility, the fine will be divided equally among all occupants of the residence.


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