Mary Harris



Mary Harris holds a Masters of Art in Professional Counseling, with a specialization in trauma and bereavement and she completed her hours for residency in the state of Virginia. Mary has worked in the mental health field for nine years with diverse populations and settings, which include: outpatient therapy, family and group therapy, intensive in-home, school settings, crisis intervention, therapeutic foster homes, crisis pregnancy, divorce care, churches, as well as the university setting. Her areas of focus include grief and bereavement, trauma, family of origin issues, depression, adjustment, relationship issues, crisis intervention and self-worth. She is currently pursuing an Ed.S. from Liberty University. Mary has been married to her high school sweetheart for seven years and they have a one-year-old son. 

Favorite Quote

“God is continually, literally, second-by-second covering our sin under His Son's blood and forgiving us our sins. God cannot love us unless He forgives us, and cannot forgive us without a commitment to love us.” - Dan B. Allender

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