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Welcome to Student Counseling Services (SCS)!

Whether you are encountering a difficult situation, an immediate crisis, or have an ongoing mental health concern, we are available to help. Our staff includes a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LCP), Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), a Licensed Substance Abuse Treatment Practitioner (LSATP), Residents in Counseling, Staff Counselors, and Graduate-Level Counseling Interns. All of our counselors hold a Master’s Degree or higher in counseling or a counseling-related field.

Student Counseling Services seeks to provide individualized assessment and care for the Liberty University student populace. Treatment recommendations will reflect the method of care appropriate to each individual’s situation.

Treatment Recommendations May Include:

  • Brief individual counseling with an SCS Counselor
  • Group counseling with SCS
  • Celebrate Recovery @ LU
  • Substance abuse assessment & education with SCS
  • Brief marital/pre-marital counseling with SCS
  • Mental health crisis services (on-call) with SCS
  • Extended psychotherapy with a community provider
  • Psychiatric evaluation with a community provider
  • Referral to another office that can provide the services requested, including LU Shepherds, Academic Success Center, Student Advocate Office, etc.

Your initial appointment with SCS will be an assessment that will help to determine the appropriate method of care for you. Every student will receive a referral at the conclusion of this appointment. Referrals may include brief counseling with SCS, ongoing counseling with a community provider, or service from a different University office (pastoral care, academic support, etc.).

Students referred to SCS will meet with a counselor for brief counseling. Appointments are typically scheduled between 8am and 5pm (Monday-Friday) and last 45-50 minutes. Students who have been to SCS in previous semesters may request to return to the same counselor or request a new counselor.

  • Step One: Contact SCS by calling 434-582-2651.
  • Step Two: Meet with a counselor for your initial assessment.
  • Step Three: Proceed with the referral, which may include a referral to SCS for brief counseling, a referral to a community provider, or a referral to another University office.



A high priority is placed on student confidentiality. However, there are legally authorized exceptions to confidentiality, which include:

  • When there is risk of imminent danger to the student (suicide) or to another person (homicide), the counselor is ethically bound to take necessary steps to prevent such danger. 
  • When there is suspicion that a child or elder is being sexually or physically abused or is at risk of such abuse, the counselor is legally required to take steps to protect the child or the elder and to inform the proper authorities.
  • When a valid court order is issued for records, the counselor and SCS are bound by law to comply with such requests.
  • During emergencies when critical information is necessary to ensure student safety.
  • In instances where the counselor consults with other SCS counselors to enhance the quality of care.


Mental Health Screening

Mental health is a key part of your overall health. Brief screenings are the quickest way to determine if you or someone you care about should connect with a mental health professional - they are a checkup from your neck up. This program is completely anonymous and confidential, and immediately following the brief questionnaire you will see your results, recommendations, and key resources.

For more information, or to take the screening, please click here or scan the QR code below to take it on a mobile device.


Speak Up!

Speak Up! is an incident reporting system established by Liberty University. Speak Up! allows for faculty, staff, and students to report concerning behaviors or incidents involving Liberty University community members. Speak Up! also allows for Title IX anonymous reporting.  The information that is submitted via the form will be sent directly to the Office of Community Life or the Title IX Office and be resourced appropriately. Please note this form does not replace local law enforcement. If this is an emergency please contact your local law enforcement or LUPD (434-592-3911).

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Contact Student Counseling Services
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For assistance after office hours, contact your RD immediately or call LUPD at (434) 592-3911, and they will connect you with Student Counseling Services.