Executive Cabinet


The Executive Cabinet consists of students who are passionate about serving the student body at Liberty University. The Cabinet is composed of all the department leaders in the Executive branch who assist in carrying out the day to day operations of SGA. Its members are appointed by the Student Body President and include the Treasurer, Director of Clubs, Director of Communications, General Counsel, Director of Events, and the Director of Internal Affairs.

Meet the Staff

Trae Dunn

Hi, my name is Trae Dunn and I am a junior studying Finance and Economics. I'm so excited that I get to serve via this postion for the 2017-2018 school year, and look forward to working efficiently and effectively alongside others to make clubs at Liberty the best they can possibly be! 

Jenna Parisen
 Director of Clubs

Hi, my name is Jenna Parisen and I'm extremely excited to serve as the Director of Clubs. I will be a junior Digital Marketing and Advertising student this year and am very passionate about my studies. My goal is to strengthen the SGA-Clubs relationship and give clubs all the tools necessary to grow to their fullest potential. Don't be afraid to reach out and say hello! 

James Ford
Director of Communications 

Hi! I'm James Ford, and I am a senior studying Strategic Communications here at Liberty. This is my first year taking part in Liberty's Student Government Association. I'm passionate about communication, graphic design, engagement through social media, and inviting others to be a part of our story. I am so excited to lead our team this year and to connect with and advocate for Liberty's student body!

Jamin Enquist
General Counsel

Hi, my name is Jamin Enquist, and I have the privilege of serving as General Counsel. I am a junior pursuing a B.S. in Government: Politics and Policy and a minor in Pre-Law. As an aspiring future lawyer, I am thrilled to be able to serve my fellow students and the SGA leadership in the legal capacity of General Counsel. My primary role is to represent the executive branch and/or SGA in the student body supreme court and advise all of SGA on the constitutional/legal ethic in policy making and legislative decisions. I believe that servant leadership is the key to success in any position of leadership and I look forward to serving you!

Cody Wiley
Events Director 

Hi, I'm Cody Wiley and I am a junior studying Digital Marketing and Advertising here at Liberty University. I am a proud North Carolinian. I am excited to be serving as the the Director of Events this year because it gives me the opportunity to serve God in a unique way. This position allows me to hear from students and interact with them directly as I represent SGA and Christ at the events. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything!


SGA Office Managers:

Kristy Miear - Administrative Assistant