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Are You Army Strong?

Experience Army training and discover what it takes to be an Army Officer. When you enroll in Army ROTC (Reserve Officers' Training Corps) you can participate with no military obligation. In ROTC, you'll learn how to be a leader in the largest officer-producing organization in our nation’s military.

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To help you decide your ROTC commitment level, you can experience training for a few semesters. Enroll in these basic courses with no military obligation.

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Note: If you decide not to pursue a career as an Army Officer, these courses can also be used as electives.

If you've already decided to become an Army Officer, contact us. You may be a candidate to go directly into the Advanced Course or attend Cadet Summer Training (CST).


Get your college degree with the help of scholarships and stipends from Army ROTC.

If you are interested in additional information in enrollment or scholarships, get started by completing the Cadet Prospect Form.

Contact the AROTC Enrollment and Scholarship Officer

Mr. Tyler Jesionowski
Interim Enrollment and Scholarship Officer
Task Force Blue Ridge - Army ROTC
Office: (434) 924-7101
Toll-Free: 1-877-882-7682