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Monday, April 15, 2019 Four tips for new students

Ashley Grubb lives in Iowa, and in her free time, she reads, participates in 5K races for various charities or organizations, and spends time with her three dogs and mother. Her family's support helps during the tough times.

I am 32 years old and made the decision that I will get older no matter what--I can get older doing what I'm doing now, or I can get older while finishing my education. 

My first semester with Liberty University was in July of 2018. I took two classes, and I thought I could manage them just fine. However, I felt rushed in the readings and had a hard time keeping up with the homework. Having to read three chapters out of two books and make sure that you can get the discussions done or paper done in time was very stressful. I managed, but I honestly say that it was all because of God. I went one more semester with two classes until I understood that I could take one course at a time as a doctoral student.

I feel like God has helped keep me going and has helped me as far as I am. I think that as long as you focus on God and pray as you continue your education that God will bless you and help you through the difficult times.

For future new students my best suggestion would include the following:

  1. Give God your first morning "thank you" and spend time with him
  2. Make sure you have adequate support.
  3. Use Yammer to connect with other students.
  4. Allow some time for yourself.

Homework will always want to pull you away from family or friends, but never use the excuse that you can’t pray or spend time with God because of school. He is the reason why you are here--to earn an education in which you can use to reach others who may not know God. Lastly, be aware that God may put you in one direction and turn you to another direction. He is putting you there for a reason. Best of luck.

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