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Monday, February 18, 2019 It Gets Better

Jason Myers is a new student at Liberty University. He is an Eagle Scout, a former Air Force Airman, and has worked for 21 years as a military contractor on small Pacific islands.  He is pursuing a degree in Religion, Apologetics in order to gain a closer relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Are you feeling down?  Maybe you feel devastated and hopeless.  Don’t give up, because it does get better.  I’ve been in really low places myself.  I’ve been in places I thought I would never get out of.  I thought there was no way it could ever get better.  Here is the trick to it.  You have to realize that no matter how bad it is, you will never get over it.  You don’t want to.  Whatever it is will help strengthen you and help you grow.  You don’t get over it.  You overcome it.  All of our struggles make us stronger, but they remain a part of who we are.

              Are you facing a death in the family?  I’ve lost both of my parents in a short period of time.  It was devastating.  But the truth is, we all die.  Why?  Because life here on Earth is just step 1.  We all wait our turn to live with Christ in everlasting paradise.  We each take our turn through the turn-style of death to visit the Lord.  We miss those who have departed us, but they probably can’t wait for us to join them!  They have seen what we haven’t seen yet.

              Problems and sorrow come in all shapes and sizes.  Money is a big source of problems.  I once lived in poverty.  I was lucky to have a package of peanut butter crackers for dinner.  I lived in a beat up trailer.  A hair dryer under my blankets was my only source of heat in the winter.  Eventually I grew tired of being poor, so I quit!  That’s right, just like anything I didn’t want to do, I quit being poor!  I got three minimum wage jobs.  I worked almost every waking hour of the day.  I wasn’t home much, but when I was, I was eating steak, not crackers!  Eventually my work experience enabled me to find a single job that paid as much in 40 as my other jobs paid for 100.  That led to other jobs.  Now I am doing very well.  What it took was deciding to quit being poor and putting in the effort to make it happen.

Whatever is bringing you down, you will overcome it.  Two things can make it better: time and effort.  Some problems just require time for you to sort them out mentally, while others just require effort.  Either way, in the long run you will be okay.  You will be better than okay.  You will be marvelous! 

I will pray for the strength of everyone at Liberty University.  May we all pass on the lessons we learn from our struggles in order to help and comfort others through theirs!  God bless you all!

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