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Tuesday, February 26, 2019 4 Things to Keep Me Motivated as an Online Student


Carla Hester is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Accounting. She is a mom, online student, and has a lot of wisdom and encouragement from personal experience:

Registering for classes online at Liberty University was an easy decision. The school has an excellent reputation, their process was fast and easy, and all roadblocks I encountered during the process were cleared up with their helpful and friendly staff. My excitement at finally finishing my Bachelor’s degree was immense. I had taken online classes through our local community college many years ago when I worked toward my Associate’s Degree, so I didn’t anticipate any problems going in.

             After classes finally started, however, I quickly became overwhelmed. I was taking classes that followed up on information I hadn’t seen in a long time, so I was in tears often over all the knowledge I had lost and the amount of work I was trying to juggle at home, too.

              I had a few things that kept me motivated and moving forward, and I chose to focus on those and put in as much time and work as I could to finishing my classes. One, I came to the realization that it would take a lot of time and effort. I came in with the expectation that it would be a fun and easy addition to an already stressful life. Shifting my understanding and perspective on how much work it was going to be helped me not be tied in knots over what was expected of me. I accepted that and pushed forward. Second, graduation! I pictured myself walking across the stage in cap and gown and savored that thought. If I give up, I will never have that day. I will never have my degree to frame and hang in my office one day. So, I motivate myself with the end goal. Also, I realized that my two girls see me working hard at school, wanting to quit, but not quitting. They have their own struggles with school, and I want to show them what finishing and the good feeling of completion look like.

              And finally, the thing that has gotten me through has been the encouragement and support on the online forums in Blackboard. There have been just a few times when my heart just couldn’t take it all and I reached out to other students online. Their words and prayers lifted me up and encouraged me to go another day. And those prayers really do help. Don’t ever be afraid to reach out say you need help. You’re not alone, and you CAN DO THIS!!

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