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Wednesday, February 14, 2018 I Did But Pray - Effie Barba

We are highlighting a guest blogger, poetic writer, and Liberty Online student, Effie Darlene Barba. When we found Effie’s transparent and encouraging poems, we knew they needed to be shared with other Online Students—life’s toughest moments will come, maybe even while you’re in school, but Effie has a word that will lift you up.   Please note that we are sharing these with Effie's permission.


There are sorrows in this world so great, that darkness surrounds us. In those moments, no ray of light shines in, and all hope disappears. There are no words that can comfort the soul.  I daresay there are no words and no theology that can bring peace. That I have known all too well when my suffering was too great in my own life.  My only pleas to God was, "Why?" But none of the pain I suffered compared to the pain I felt when a child of mine faced despair. Although, I had learned so much of God's grace through my own suffering; I had no words to say to comfort my child in theirs; so, all I could do is pray.

I wrote this poem at such a moment when one of my children was hurting, despairing of life itself.  When all there is are questions, with no answers; the only thing we can do is quietly walk beside and pray. Today, I share this with everyone within its reach who is hurting today. As I share it, I lift up a prayer for each and every one of you.

I Did But Pray

by Effie Darlene Barba


In your darkness filled with fear

I walked beside and drew you near

There were no words that I could say

So Quietly I did but pray


What more could I have said or done

Than point you to God’s own dear son

By showing you the grace of God

As on this road we both did trod


My words would mean so little now

Unless I were to live somehow

Displaying Grace by what I do

Forgetting self to think of you


No distance then would be too far

Willing to go where e’er you are

To walk beside to take your hand

To bring you hope, to firmly stand


That when the world a dark abyss

Upon your brow my gentle kiss

Awakening to see God’s light

A hope within could rise and fight


Against the tides that pull you down

The anguish that would bid you drown

Please take my hand and come with me

Oh how I wish your heart could see


The love of God, His Grace to you

That as His face comes into view

Amidst the sorrows in your heart

God’s comfort bidding them depart


His love can wrap you in His arms

Protecting you from evil’s harms

Oh, how I wish that you could see

My strength, my love is Christ in me



 In your darkness filled with fear

I walked beside and drew you near

There were no words that I could say

So Quietly I did but pray

No matter how dark the night; this I have learned and know: God loves you, His plan is good, and you can trust Him--even if today you cannot see how.


About Effie

Effie is 63 years old and has three children ranging in ages from 37 to 44 and 5 beautiful grandchildren. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies (M.A.T.S.). She lives in Missouri and is a full time Nurse Practitioner in Cardiology Electrophysiology at the Veteran Affairs Hospital.  




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