Deliberative Dialogues


Liberty University is a community of scholars whose members include students, faculty, staff, and administrators—all of whom contribute in vital ways to scholarship, education, and to maintaining a community of respect. From time to time, the Center for Multicultural Enrichment may host a Deliberative Dialogue speaker who may hold and espouse views contrary to our institutional values. While we may disagree with one another’s convictions, higher education is a community of scholars who work within the marketplace of ideas; as such, we must respect the rights of individuals to express their views. Some Deliberative Dialogues may offer avenues of interaction and discussion to those opposing ideas. The reflective activity at each Deliberative Dialogue offers the campus community a way to respectfully respond to the speaker and their views on the topic discussed.



Title: Latinos in Theatre

Presenter: Enrique Aviles, Founder of the theatre company, Sol y Soul.


Title: Changing the Way We See Native America

Presenter: Matika Wilbur, Native American Photographer, founder of Project 562, and TEDxTalks Speaker


Title: Success Has No Color, Our Thoughts Do!

Presenter: Linal Harris, Inspirational Speaker, Corporate America Graduate, Global Entrepreneur, certified Life Coach, and media personality.


Title: Culture and History of Irish Americans in Lynchburg

Presenter: Nick Cash, Owner of Kegney Brothers Restaurant         


Title: They Call Me Q!

Presenter: Qurrat Ann Kadwani, South Asian award-winning actress, producer, MC, TV Host and philanthropist




Title: Contemporary Issues About the Native American Culture

Presenter: Special Student-Run Forum


Title: Digital Wellness

Presenter: Dr. Sylvia Hart Frejd, Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Digital Wellness, Liberty University; Author of The Digital Invasion: How Technology Is Shaping You and Your Relationships (2013)

Title: Latin American Heritage

Presenter: Dr. Elias Moitinho, Director of M.A. Counseling Licensure Programs, Director of Clinical Training and Associate Professor of Counseling


Title: The Hunt for General Tso

Presenter: Jennifer Lee, Journalist, Co-founder and CEO of the literary studio Plympton, and former New York Times reporter; Author of The Fortune Cookie Chronicles: Adventures in the World of Chinese Food (2009)


Title: Irish Heritage

Presenter: Ray Wright, Representative from the Frontier Museum


Title: Bishop Henry Turner: An inspirational preacher and teacher during the Civil War

Presenter: Jordan Alexander, Instructor in the History Department, Liberty University




Title: Awareness, Practices, and Struggles of American Indians

Presenter: Marvel Welch, Commissioner of Indian Affairs with the Eastern Band of Cherokee


Title: Identity Politics, Immigration, and the Latino Vote

Presenter: Dr. Xavier Medina Vidal, Professor Specialist in US politics at Virginia Tech


Title: Christianity vs. Confucianism

Presenter: Dr. Yingguang Liu, Associate Professor of Microbiology, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Liberty University.


Title: Heritage of Ireland

Presenter: Brian Donohue


Title: Today's African American Community

Presenter: Derek Polley, Liberty University alumni; School Board Member for Lynchburg City Schools; Owner of Lynchburg Legends basketball team



2013- 2014

Title: Knowing Taiwan

Presenter: Dr. Andrew Light, Professor of Business, School of Business, Liberty University


Title: Culture of Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

Presenter: Dan Begley


Title: Black Culture in America

Presenter: Leslie King, Assistant to the City Manager & Founding Advisory Board Member Community Dialogue on Race & Racism, City of Lynchburg, VA


Title: History and Heritage of American Indians

Presenter: Merrit Youngdeer


Title: The Heritage of the Dominican Republic

Presenter: Pastor Daniel D' Oleoleader in the Renacer Hispanic Ministry in the Church of the Brethren and Pastor of Iglesia Cristiana Renacer




Title: How! And Other Approaches to American Indians

Presenter: Karenne Wood, Indian Poet, Linguistic and Anthropologist; Author of Markings on Earth (2001), The Virginia Indian Heritage Trail (2007)


Title: Latinos in America

Presenter: Dr. Fabio Freyre, Associate Professor of Psychology, School of Behavioral Sciences, Liberty University


Title: The Heritage of Korea

Presenter: Dr. Kyung Kyoon Bae, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, School of Engineering, Liberty University


Title: Irish Legacy's: Hands Across the Water

Presenter: Jim Baldwin, musician; and Frank King, Founder of the Smith Mountain Lake St. Brendan Society, and Former Member of deoraithe na hEireann – Exiles of Ireland – of Lexington, VA


Title: Selling out to the Only One Who Matters

Presenter: Ron Miller, Online Associate Dean, Helms School of Government; Assistant Professor of Government, Liberty University; Author of SELLOUT: Musings From Uncle Tom’s Porch





Title: Unique Culture of Native American Indians

Presenter: Reynard Faber, Apache Chief of the Jicarilla Apache Nation

Title: Race Relations in the Hill City

Presenter: Steve Weaver, Attorney, President and CEO of No Walls Ministry



Title: The Latino Experience in America

Presenter: Jose Galvez, Pulitzer Prize-winner Photographer, and Speaker


Title: Why Green? Symbolism and Traditions in the Irish Culture

Presenter: Dr. Karen Prior, Professor of English, College of Arts and Sciences, Liberty University



Title: Civil Rights: A Moral and Faith Perspective

Presenter: Lacy Ward, Director of the Robert Russa Moton Museum